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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bo Goes to the Gym

We brought Bo to the gym for the first time today. We began the session by getting him use to the check-in area. We then moved to the basketball courts and indoor track. He is a pro on the courts. The bouncing balls, screeching sneakers and running and jumping people don't bother him one bit.

After spending some time with him on the courts with Austin, I practiced loose leash walking and the 'leave it' command on the track. We then headed to the pool area and that was scary for Bo. He barked at the swimmers he saw through the glass door, so I brought him back to a space where he was working comfortably and rewarded him with high value treats for his good work. We then walked him by the pool area again, while generously rewarding his good behavior. We continued treating him with hot dogs and cheese when we entered the pool area. We walked him around the pool of swimmers and he was doing well until Austin jumped into the pool. Bo got scared and started to bark. Austin came out of the pool and when Bo stopped barking, I had him feed Bo treats.

The next time Austin got in the pool, he did it slowly and Bo did great. Given the amount of time Austin spends pool side during the summer, it's important that Bo become comfortable with being around a pool of swimmers and especially with Austin swimming. We will be back to the pool soon to do more work.

Our training continued near the entrance and exit to the locker rooms. Bo held his down stay while members passed by and I paid him for his good work. Several people made full eye contact with Bo and he never broke his stay. I'm so pleased with how well Bo is doing with all aspects of his training.

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  1. He is doing great.
    Your are doing a great job Jenn exposing him to everything you can think of.
    Very impressive!!