The story of a boy living with Type 1 and his family's journey to raise and train a diabetic alert dog.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Remote Alert

This weekend while Austin was outside playing basketball with a friend in our driveway, Bo alerted to me inside the house. The windows and doors were all closed when Bo gave this remote alert. He was on his cot in the dining room and I was in the kitchen. I heard him whining and when I went to check on him he had broken his place. He was tethered so he couldn't come to me but his whining got my attention. When I approached him he immediately began alerting with paw swipes followed by bows -- his alert chain for a low.

Bo had alerted about an hour earlier on a low. Austin was 83 at the time and I gave him a 25 g carb ice cream snack and didn't cover it with insulin. So, when Bo alerted low for a second time, I thought he may be confusing his alert chains. (He isn't 100% accurate in his use of the high and low alert chains yet.) 

I removed the tether and took Bo outside to check Austin. Austin insisted he felt fine and he didn't need to check. For a fleeting moment I second guessed Bo but then I told Austin we had to check because Bo had alerted. It's a good thing we did because Austin was 68. 

Bo got a big low party for this alert and after the party he went back to his cot and went to sleep.

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