The story of a boy living with Type 1 and his family's journey to raise and train a diabetic alert dog.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elevators, Wheel Chairs & Stairs Oh My!

It was another week of firsts for Bo! He went on an elevator ride, saw a woman in a wheel chair and used stairs — all for the first time. On Tuesday October 22, I took Bo to the Elliott Hospital with hopes of exposing him to people using wheel chairs, walkers and crutches.

Bo practiced entering and exiting an elevator.
 We ended up meeting an elderly woman in a wheelchair, riding an elevator, climbing cement stairs and ramps, and seeing an automatic door open and close. Bo welcomed these experiences with bravery and curiosity and I treated him generously each time he demonstrated his courage and inquisitiveness.

People commented on how calm and cute a puppy he was and he brought smiles to not only the people who stopped to pet him and say hello, but also to those that simply passed by us.

Other socialization activities this week included:
Exploring at the frog pond.
  • A play date with another dog and meeting three small dogs on a walk.
  • A visit to the frog pond at the Village Green, which included seeing the water fountains, a family of ducks and a young mother and her toddler. The mother and child were from China and Bo helped to break the language barrier between us. 
  • Seeing a fire hydrant; Bo was hesitant and afraid of the hydrant which was triple his size. Kibble treats helped entice him closer to the hydrant to find out it wasn't going to hurt him.
  • Staying quiet in his crate under the table at Shorty's restaurant while Austin and I ate dinner.
Bo has been learning the meaning of touch this week as part of diabetes alert training. He is also eating kibble out of a paper bowl that has been modified to hold a low scent sample. 


  1. I think you may have found your next career, Jenn! What an amazing amount of research you have done. It is so fun and interesting to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing - I can only hope it will inspire other families living with Type 1 to give this a try! xo, TN

    1. I'm enjoying it that's for sure! Thanks for leaving a comment. :)