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Sunday, November 11, 2012

If it Takes a Village to Raise a Child, What Does it Take to Raise a Puppy?

Bo has his own pillow at Syl and Gil's house
It may take a village to raise a child but to raise a puppy it takes fabulous neighbors. Our neighbors, Gil and Syl, provide Bo with love, attention and exercise when we are at work and Austin's at school. Each day I leave for work, I leave knowing an adventure awaits Bo in a few short hours when Syl comes to our house and brings him to hers. There he runs, plays and gets lots of love. Our family is so grateful for Syl and Gil and incredibly appreciative of their unconditional kindness. Everyone should be so blessed as to have neighbors like the two of them.

Bo in his toy box at Syl and Gil's house.

Austin will tell you he feels right at home at Syl and Gil's house. In fact one day, upon returning from their house, he announced their house is like, "home-away-from- home." If Bo could talk, I know he'd say the same thing. At their house, he has a toy box filled with all kinds of toys, he also has a blanket, pillow and he gets to meet new people. Time spent with Syl and Gil is no doubt playing an important part in Bo's socialization and raising.

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