The story of a boy living with Type 1 and his family's journey to raise and train a diabetic alert dog.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy Weekend of Public Access Training

Bo's public access training is going really well. We trained at Lowes, Target and Austin's basketball game over the weekend and he did fantastic at each venue. At Lowes and Target, we practiced walking the aisles with the distractions of carts, adults and children. We also practiced sit stays and down stays both tethered and untethered. There was one time in Target where he broke his down stay when I dropped the leash and walked a few steps away but we "tried it again" and he kept his stay. Good job Bo! 
At Austin's basketball game, we practiced an extended down stay. That was tougher for him especially with the distractions of bouncing balls, cheering crowds, blowing whistles and clapping. When he got distracted we tried again and sometimes we walked a circle to get him back on his mat. This was the first time we positioned Bo on his mat along side of Austin's seat on the bench. Each time Austin came off the court, he would acknowledge Bo and breath on him. 
Tired Bo after a busy day of training.
After one hour at the game, Bo was tired and he was ready for a nap when we got in the car. He had a frozen Kong waiting for him when he got home. He ate his Kong for dinner in his crate while we at our dinner at the table. A nice end to a great training weekend.

Tomorrow we meet with Helen to do more public access training at Lowes. Austin will handle Bo while Helen gives direction and support. I will bring my camera to take pics!

Diabetes Alert Dog Training

Building the bond between boy and pup.

For the past two weeks we have been training Bo on how to do a nose bump while we are in motion. We started this training by shuffling our feet across the floor and now we are walking and he is bumping his nose on our leg. We are also training Bo to drop objects in our hands rather than on the ground. Bo has learned this skill quickly. We continue to play tug with Bo. This skill will come in handy when we eventually train Bo to open the refrigerator door to get a juice for Austin. Bo's low scent training continues daily and low parties happen at every opportunity. We anxiously await his second low alert in real time.

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