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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bo's First Trip to the Lake

True Love
Bo's first trip to the lake, where Austin spends his summers with his grandparents, was a lot of fun this past weekend. 

Bo did terrific on his first boat ride. The sound and vibrations of the motor didn't bother him and he seemed to enjoy the ride. We anchored the boat at a sandbar and encouraged Bo to jump off the back of the boat into the water. He was hesitant at first but between the three of us calling his name and encouraging him to jump in, he took the plunge all on his own. 

It was a joy watching Austin and Bo play together in the water. We forgot his floating toy, but we improvised with a stick. We threw the stick and watched him swim. Even though Labrador Retrievers are known to be strong swimmers, I watched with a bit of anxiety as he first left the shallow waters of the sandbar for the deep water where the stick floated. Like the mom of a young child, I generously praised his accomplishments. 

I'm so happy this special boy and this special pup have each other. Oh how I love them so!

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