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Friday, May 8, 2015

Video: Training thru a Metal Detector

The focus of our training session with Helen this afternoon was on practicing passing through a metal detector and having Bo wanded with a hand held metal detector by a stranger. This training is in preparation for going through airport security. We conducted our session at our local federal court building. We chose to schedule our first session at the end of the day when it would be less busy. We introduced ourselves to the security personnel and explained what we where there to do and asked for their permission to pass through the metal detector for training purposes. The employees were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Bo did have a reaction to being wanded that was captured on video. Helen talked Austin through handling the reaction and Bo recovered. We did not remove his vest, harness, leash and collar, so the metal detector was NOT turned on when it was moved over his body. (It would have alarmed due to all the metal and we wanted him to experience the wand on his body separate from the sound of it alarming. We exposed him to the sound of the detector going off at the end of the session.) When we go through airport security we will remove his equipment and put on a slip lead without any metal parts.

We spent 30 minutes training at the federal court building and then went to Helen's studio to practice with an improvised metal detector and another male person who Bo had never met previously.  The following videos are from the studio session. In the first one, Bo walks into the studio unfocused and pulling. On his second entrance to the space, he is focused on Austin.

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