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Saturday, September 5, 2015

College Campus Offers a Host of Distractions

Boy and Pup at Dartmouth College
Austin has been asking about Dartmouth College for the past year. Today, after a hike of Mt. Sunapee and lunch at Salt Hill, we decided to drive to Hanover and walk around Dartmouth's campus. It was a beautiful day and the Green was speckled with college students playing lawn games, reading, and lounging in the afternoon sun.

I handled Bo when we first got there but Austin took over after about 15 minutes. We walked down one side of the Green, through the busy Main Street sidewalks, and between class buildings before taking a break on the lawn in front of the Fisher Ames Baker Library. The energy of the college campus was palpable and walking among the students spurred conversations about college life. As we passed classroom buildings Austin asked, "How do you know where your classes are?"  Then while walking by the Visual Arts Center he announced, "You would never see me in that building." A Geisel School of Medicine sign prompted a conversation about the difference between undergraduates and graduates. 

Our visit was brief but no less enjoyable.  It provided many opportunities for boy and pup to practice the public access skills they've learned over the course of our journey. They did great too -- working with confidence and ease -- among a host of distractions. In fact, if I dare say so myself, they rocked this outing! 

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