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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Taking Bo to School

Guest post from Austin:
School has recently started and while I miss summer, I enjoy seeing my school friends. This did however get me thinking about Bo going in to school. I know he recently passed his Public Access Certification Test (PACT), so he is definitely qualified but is he really ready? Am I ready? I really want him to come to school with me but I'm not sure if I can focus and still watch Bo. I believe I can do it but I still need to keep up in school too. After just two days working Bo when we went to Dallas, I  was worn out. I think the time zone difference and less sleep made it worse but it was still a lot of work for me and Bo. If I am doing that five days a week for six hours that is a lot to balance. We hopefully will start working Bo in school for one hour at a time. I hope my mom and Helen will be able to schedule a time for Bo to take the PACT with me in school.


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