The story of a boy living with Type 1 and his family's journey to raise and train a diabetic alert dog.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Low Alert

Just moments ago Bo alerted Austin to a low. I was at the dining room table on my laptop and Bo had been resting at my feet for awhile before Austin came over to snuggle with him under the table. I was not paying close attention to the both of them until I heard Austin ask Bo if he should check. I asked Austin if he felt low and he said he did not but that Bo had just pawed him. When Austin got off the floor to go to the kitchen to check, Bo pawed him again. As Austin was waiting for the meter to show his blood sugar number, he told me he didn't think he was going to be low. In fact, his meter read 80! The fact that Bo smelled his low and alerted directly to Austin is very exciting because when Austin is at school or somewhere without us, we want Bo to alert to him.

We treated Bo with carved chicken breast one of his favorite high value rewards and Austin had a juice box. Austin rechecked in 15 minutes and he was 109. Excellent work Bo! Tonight's alert was one of three Bo had this weekend. We are so hopeful and optimistic about Bo's willingness and ability to work for Austin.

We continue to train with scent samples multiple times a day, as well practice basic obedience skills daily. Recognizing the importance of allowing Bo to be a dog, we also give him daily outdoor exercise with other dogs. We are fortunate to have a beautiful trail complete with a running brook, watering hole, fields and woods within 5 minutes from our house. It offers a perfect place for the dogs to run, play, swim, sniff and enjoy life!


  1. Just catching up on all things Bo... sounds like his progress is going very well! Nice work Jenn.

  2. Bo sure does love his Austin :-)