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Friday, August 15, 2014

I Tested Bo This Morning

I tested Bo this morning. It was 6:45 am. I didn't need to go to work, so I was lying in bed watching the news. Bo was nestled at my side with his head resting on mine. We had been like this for awhile before he put a paw on my chest. Unlike usual, I didn't respond to it. I wanted to see how persistent he would be if I didn't respond to his signal. 

Bo pawed me again. He pawed me several times before pressing both his front legs into my chest in what looked like a bow. 

I moved him off me.

He sat at my side and looked over me. 

He pawed my face. His rough paw pad scratching my cheek.  

I looked at him silent and moved my body position. He then stood up and went to the edge of the bed. 

I thought he was going to jump off it.

Instead, he stood at the edge of the bed making eye contact with me and then looking at the floor. 

I remained silent. 

He responded by lying down with his body facing mine. His head was held high in attention. He was staring at me intently and he groaned. He followed it with a succession of whines upon which I broke my silence. 

I asked him if we needed to check. 

He immediately jumped off the bed and went to Austin's room. 

When I got to Austin's room. He was on Austin's bed sniffing around Austin's head. 

I checked Austin and he was 79.  After I treated Austin with juice, I rewarded Bo with food, praise and his favorite game. When the party was over he hopped onto my bed, curled up and went back to sleep.  

Bo after being rewarded for his alert.

He passed my test. He was persistent in his alerting and he used different behaviors in attempting to get me to respond to him. The entire exercise was only a couple of minutes. If he didn't continue alerting or trying to get my attention, I still would have checked Austin's blood sugar. I've never tested Bo in this way before and I may never do it again.

Have you ever tested your DAD in a similar way?  What did it look like? 

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