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Friday, August 1, 2014

Video: Bo Loading and Unloading a Vehicle

'Load up' is the command we use when we want Bo to get into a vehicle. We use this command consistently and we always have him load up in the same way to practice the behavior. In this video, you see him prepare to load up when he gets the command but it takes me pointing to the space before he jumps into the trunk of the car. There was once a time when he wouldn't load up unless I got into the vehicle first and lured him in with a treat. When I presented this challenge to Helen, over a year ago, she taught me to use a running start to get him to load up on his own. This technique was key to getting him to load in the vehicle on his own.

When we started looking at the test items on the Public Access Certification Test (PACT) we started practicing unloading from a vehicle in a consistent manner. The PACT has a test related to how a dog exits a vehicle. When Bo unloads from a vehicle he sits and stays while I turn and close the vehicle door. Once the door is closed I give him the 'okay' command to continue on our way.

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