The story of a boy living with Type 1 and his family's journey to raise and train a diabetic alert dog.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video: Down Stay While Being Walked Around and Stepped Over

I've started training Bo to remain in a down stay while I step over him and walk around him. When out in public it's common for people to step very close to his body when he is in a down. (This past weekend while training at a basketball game an individual nearly stepped over his hind quarters.) This training is intended to get him comfortable with feet coming close to his body. When I began practicing with him, I made sure my foot landed away from his body but as he demonstrated comfort with me stepping over him, I've decreased the distance between my foot and his body. I've also have started placing my foot down harder such that it makes a noise on the floor -- imagine a stomp sound. I will continue to add new aspects to this training. For example, stepping over and back in quick succession and  jumping over him. This video shows Bo in a down stay while I walk over him and around him.

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