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Monday, May 26, 2014

Video: Training at the School Yard

We spent time at the school yard this afternoon practicing loose leash walking, chilling out and working among distractions. One of the distractions we encountered was another dog. Bo was in a down stay when a family with a dog walked by the basketball courts where I was sitting with Bo. The dog was at a distance from us but it still got Bo's attention.

In this video, you see Bo catch sight of the other dog. He doesn't break his down stay but he watches the other dog. I played the name game with Bo and captured what happened on video. I ended up calling his name three times before I got eye contact.  Ideally, Bo would look at me the first time I said his name. Working around other dogs is something we get to practice in group classes. It's also something we practice when we encounter dogs while out in public. We never allow Bo to greet dogs when he is on leash. This is for his safety, as well as for his public access training.

Bo in a down stay on the basketball courts.

Bo watching kids play basketball. 

Bo holding a stay while I was across the court.

Sweet Bo hanging out at the courts with his boy.

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