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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adolescents Versus Temperament

The other night I took Bo to Target with a family member to train while the family member picked-up a few items. We were in the store for 10 to 15 minutes and Bo walked at my pace, ignored distractions of people and carts and stayed focused through the busy check-out line. He went for pieces of popcorn on the ground and sniffed a bag of Tide pods on an end cap but besides these infractions, he did nice public access work.

We were leaving the store and had just entered the automatic doors when I declared 'success' to my family member. Just as I completed my sentence, and stepped outside, Bo spotted a gum wrapper blowing across the ground. He lost all self-control and went racing after it -- pulling me behind him. The episode bummed me out.  Naturally, I want him to be stellar -- rock solid in public.

I couldn't help but wonder if his reaction was typical adolescent dog behavior or a result of his temperament. I suppose time will eventually tell. Until then, I will continue daily training, group training and one-on-one consults with the goal of giving Bo all the skills and practice he needs to be a success. 

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